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Lupe Fiasco has managed to bring conscious Hip-Hop into mainstream culture, yet many listeners fail to hear the word-smith-manship that he possesses.  Hailing from Chicago, Lupe Fiasco was of nine children of Shirley, a gourmet Chef and Gregory, an Engineer.  Brought up Muslim, Lupe initially disliked hip-hop for its vulgarity.  However, when he struggled to use musical instruments he created poetry.  In eighth grade he began rapping his poems, and after hearing Nas’ 1996 album “It Was Written,” he began to pursue hip hop.

In “Freedom Ain’t Free,” Lupe discusses many of the problems plaguing America today, showing his (at times) extreme political ideals and his passion for rapping about relevant issues.  The fast paced lyrics are very typical of Lupe, but a second (and third, and fourth) listen begins to reveal the deeper meanings of this gem.

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Freedom Ain't Free - The Undisputed Truth