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“Superheroes”- The Awesome Jam Band

The roots of the Awesome Jam Band were sown in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands back in 1979.  Jamband, orginally “Eddie and the Movements,” consisted of 12 members which included the musicians, vocalists, sound engineers and stage crew. Jam Band started out by performing for local gigs, providing calypso entertainment for club dances, receptions, parties, and more importantly, participated in the annual local celebration of Carnival.

Jam Band has grown over the years to become the undisputed Kings of the Road in the Virgin Islands, winning the coveted Road March title 20 times.  This title is awarded in every Caribbean carnival by judges.  Typically Jam Band songs also have dances that go along with the song, resulting in massive crowds of people dancing together in unison.  As a result, the quality of each years Road March Anthem can make or break the atmosphere of a Carnival.

“Superheroes,” has special meaning for Jam Band, as it was their first big song after frontman Nick “Daddy” Friday passed away on October 4th, 2005.  Friday was a beloved Virgin Islander, and his death was seen as a tragedy in the Virgin Islands.  The new lead singer, Kelly Charleswell (Pupa Kelly) fell under tremendous pressure from the community, and many expected the band to fade into obscurity.  However “Superheroes,” was a huge hit, and the band continues to be a staple of the Virgin Islands culture and yearly Carnival.

Enjoy Jam Band, and if the song makes you want to dance don’t worry, you’re not alone!  Jump up and get in the Carnival mood, it’s summertime!

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