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The “Monday Meltdown” with Tork

“Hold On” – Alabama Shakes

Brittany Howard and Zac Cockrell are the founding members of the band now know as Alabama Shakes. While still in high school Brittany and Zac began writing songs together, later picking up additional members Heath Fogg and Steve Johnson. The band was called simply “The Shakes” in their early days, but soon added the “Alabama” to distinguish themselves from other bands of the same name. They started off covering songs from artists including Led Zeppelin and James Brown, while working on original material on the side. Alabama Shakes released their first studio album entitled Boys & Girls through ATO Records in April of 2012.

The bands mastery of southern rock style is enough to catch the ear, but when Brittany Howard’s powerful and soulful voice kick in, it’s enough to induce goose bumps. The lyrics, though simple, convey a world of meaning, one left up to the listener to divine. I think we’ll be seeing great things from this group for a while to come.

I know it’s Monday people, but hold on…

Lyrics here.

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Hold On - Boys & Girls