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“The Waitress Song” – Seth Sentry

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Seth Sentry is one of many talented Hip-Hop artists that have come out of the land down under in recent years.  Sentry first began performing in 2003 through performances with local hip hop/drum and bass outfit, D.S.O.L.  However it was a Hip-Hop night that he organized and performed at a local bar that pushed Sentry into the public eye, and this lead to an appearance on the The Forthwrite Mixtape in 2007 and a guest feature on fellow Australian Hip-Hop artist Pez’s album, A Mind of My Own, in 2008.

“The Waitress Song,” falls into a storytelling style that has been made popular in Great Britain and Australia recently by artists such as The Streets.  Sentry tells a us about a waitress who he is in love with, despite the fact the their “relationship is built on breakfast,”.  He even wonders what their relationship would be like if they dated:

I wonder if she’s my ideal girl
and what would happen if we dated in the real world
na, I don’t want to risk what we have
and have to tip cause of that
besides this relationship is built on breakfast
I’m waiting on her just to wait on me

It’s lines like this that make this song so great.  The descriptions of the food and Sentry’s relationship with the waitress are easy to relate to, and Sentry never does anything to alienate his audience.  This style has always appealed to me, and I feel as if the song could easily be a story between friends over a beer.  Music is often too heavy (see Peruvian Cocaine) to enjoy or not intelligent enough to enjoy.  “The Waitress Song,” can be both, and I love this song more every time I hear it.

Lyrics here.

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The Waitress Song - The Waiter Minute - EP