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“Beastly” – Vulfpeck

As is standard for me, settling on this week’s song took some significant soul searching—there are just so. goddamn. many. GREAT tracks out there. At first I was leaning towards one of a few grungy-reggae-rock-punk songs from one of my favorite bands (not going to tell you yet) that really resonated with me given the someone-please- stab-me-in-the-eye political climate in this country.

BUT, what I realized, is that people didn’t need to be further angered by, emboldened by, or reminded of all that nonsense. No.

What people needed was funk. Pure, dirty, face scrunching, shoulder hunching, air-bass inducing, poke your head forward-and-back-like-a-woodpecker FUUNNNKKK.

Enter Vulfpeck. A band that is as funky as it is illusive. Try and find any information about them on the internet and pretty much all you find is that they are the “house rhythm section for Vulf Records”, comprised of Jack Stratton on the keys, Woody Goss on the [morecow] bells, Joe Dart on bass, and Theo Katzman on drums. Try and find anything about Vulf Records and you find that it’s “some record label” somewhere on, about, or around San Francisco. Add to it the fact that all their YouTube videos are uploaded by some guy named djparadiddle and you get a big stinking pile of intrigue tossed with some face melting undulation and a side of bass line that kicks so hard it blows dogs off chains.

This particular song, “Beastly”, is the pure uncut stuff. With the exception of a few well placed, “uhhhsss” there are no lyrics. And in terms of phrasing and structure, at its core it’s really one long groove. I think of it as a funk-vaccine. You don’t want to listen to it 15 times in a row, and perhaps you might not even want to hear it again for a while…but it cured you. It entered your system and spread something that will forever make your life more funkified.

Piece of advice: turn your sound up loud for the correct dosage. This is meant to envelop, not trickle from some point source far off in the distance.

Shout out to my badass girlfriend for introducing me to these guys.

More about Vulfpeck here.
Beastly - Beastly - Single