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“Lonely Boy” – Black Keys

The Black Keys is an American rock duo formed in Akron, Ohio in 2001.  Guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney first met when they were eight or nine years old while living in the same neighborhood.  While attending high school, they became friends, though they were part of different crowds—Auerbach was captain of the high school soccer team, while Carney was a social outcast.  Encouraged by a mutual friend,the duo jammed together, as Auerbach was learning guitar at the time and Carney owned a four-track recorder and a drum set.  After graduating, both briefly attended University of Akron before dropping out.  Auerbach attempted to make a living from performing at small bars in town, but realized he would not be able to book shows in other cities without a demo. To record one, he asked for help from Carney, who agreed to provide recording equipment and allow his basement to be used, while Auerbach would recruit the other musicians.  However, none of Auerbach’s backing band showed up on the recording date, as they preferred to “get stoned and play video games [rather] than come to rehearsal”.  Instead, Carney and Auerbach jammed, eventually leading to the duo forming a band and recording a six-song demo consisting of “old blues rip-offs and words made up on the spot”.  After soliciting the demo to a dozen record labels, they received and accepted an offer from a small indie label in Los Angeles called Alive, as it was “the only label that would sign [them] without having to see [them] first”.

Since then the Black Keys have had an extremely successful career, producing 7 studio albums, been nominated for 6 Grammy’s and won 4 of them, and have had 2 albums racked in the top 50 on Rolling Stones annual list.

El Camino, the bands most recent release is no exception to The Black Keys record of excellence.  Many publications, such as Rolling Stone and Time ranked El Camino among the best albums of the year, despite its late release.  “Lonely Boy,” is the only single from the album, and its October release was a huge success.  The music video has over 15 million views on youtube and El Camino sold 206,000 copies in its first week, peaking at #2 on the Billboard 200.

“Lonely Boy,” is a simple love song about a man stuck with a woman who treats him badly.  She apparently (as is said in 11 lines of the song) keeps the singer waiting.  For what we don’t know, but he certainly doesn’t seem too bummed about it!  Why be bummed when you can rock like these guys do?

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Lonely Boy - El Camino