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“Lost In The Sound” – Chill Bump

Chill Bump is a musical duo straight out of France forging their own fresh path into hip hop. The beatmaker Bankal started off in the scratch battle scene, and he brings the sample and scratch style to creating Chill Bump’s music. The lyricist of the duo is Miscellaneous, who has also been lead singer of Fumuj and Rytmétix, a couple of bands also from Tours, France. Miscellaneous has one of the better flows I’ve heard, and matches his loaded intelligent lyrics impeccably with Bankal’s beats. It’s very hard to find out much else about these two on the internet, except that they are passionate about making fantastic music, and starting to gain traction here in the US.

Chill Bump writes, records, and produces all their music on their own out of “The Eighth Lab” in Tours. Their first EP is named Starting From Scratch, and was released February 9th, 2012. The song “Lost In The Sound” is off this debut EP and explores the reasoning and difficulties behind making music for the love of it. Over the last few months, Chill Bump has followed up Starting From Scratch with two more EP’s, Back To The Grain and Hidden Strings. If these two can keep creating consistently stellar music in such short periods of time, my iTunes library will soon be half Chill Bump.

Lyrics here. (Scroll over “Lost In The Sound” and click lyrics)

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