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“Mary Jane” – Collie Buddz

Collie Buddz (born Colin Harper, August 21, 1981) is a Bermudian reggae and dancehall artist.  Although born in New Orleans, Louisiana, he was raised in Bermuda.  Collie Buddz first critically acclaimed album, Collie Buddz (2007), had strong sales and a few songs from the album became very popular, including “S.O.S.,”, “Come Around,”, and “Mamacita”.  His sales were particularly strong in Canada, where Buddz does most of his writing and recording.

Finding information about Mr. Buddz was surprisingly difficult, and information was incredibly scarce.  I was actually privileged enough to see Collie Buddz perform live a few years ago, and the Bermudian did not disappoint.

I was torn when deciding between a few other reggae songs and “Mary Jane,” largely because of the subject matter of the song.  However, upon reflection I realized that excluding music about illicit drugs, particularly marijuana, would force me to ignore a large part of the music that has been produced in the last 60 years.  The views of an artist should not necessarily affect whether or not we listen to their music, and to ignore a song as beautiful as “Mary Jane,” would be a tragedy.  I hope you can enjoy this song as much as I do, regardless of your views.

Lyrics here.

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