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“Same Love” – Macklemore

Ben Haggerty, (born June 18, 1983 in Seattle, Washington) better known by his stage name Macklemore, is an American Hip-Hop artist.  Macklemore works with Ryan Lewis (Producer) Andrew Joslyn (Violin), Owour Arunga (Trumpet), Zach Fleury (Drums, Guitar, Bass), and Noah Goldberg (Piano).  He has been popular in his hometown of Seattle since the beginning of his musical career at Garfield High School, often performing at the famous Capitol Hill Block Party.  In 2008, 2009, and 2011, Macklemore performed at Bumbershoot, a major arts and music festival in Seattle and Sasquatch Music Festival in 2011 .  He has been described as a socially conscious rapper, with many of his songs addressing issues surrounding consumerism, race, sexual orientation and drug addiction. 

Macklemore gives back to his fans with an annual pizza party.  Fans get the chance to prove their love of music and get a ticket to go to the party by showing off their creativity in a contest.  Fans have had to sing, paint, draw, and play to get a chance to meet and watch a performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

“Same Love,” was released as a single on July 18th, 2012 (yesterday!).  As part of a partnership with Music for Marriage Equality campaign, Sub Pop Records will release this track digitally on July 24th and as a limited run 7″ vinyl on July 31st.  All proceeds will benefit the Music for Marriage Equality campaign.
This is the kind of socially aware, modern music that we should be listening to.  In fact, there isn’t even any swearing in this song, so kids could even be listening to this!  We live in a pivotal time for the LGBT community in this country, and the continued abuse (both mental and physical) that these individuals have undergone is intolerable.  As Macklemore states in “Same Love,” :

It’s the same hate that’s caused wars from religion
Gender and skin color
Complexion of your pigment
The same fight that lead people to walk-outs and sit-ins
Human rights for everybody
There is no difference

This is the first Hip-Hop song I have ever heard for LGBT rights.  Rap has shunned gay people for decades, and I cannot imagine the pain of listening to the likes of Lil’ Wayne or Eminem while concurrently deciding whether or not to come out.  I believe in musics ability to change people for the better, and for the worse.  This website was created to showcase good music, this is music for good.  Show your friends and help us move forward with good music.

Lyrics here (some errors).

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Same Love - Single - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis