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The Good Hurt

w/ Interview of James and Max Lanman

“Only In Your Mind” – The Good Hurt

The Good Hurt is an rock band formed in 2009 in Seattle, WA. I was lucky enough to sit down via video chat with James Lanman (guitar and lead vocals) and his brother Max Lanman who directed the bands recently released music video for “Only In Your Mind,”. Max was very ambitious with the project, and decided on a very difficult one take video that would be played in reverse. As a result, the band had to learn how to play and sing backwards, so that when the video was reversed they would appear to be singing forwards. More about that process in the interview below!

As a young band The Good Hurt has had a very interesting experience with the production of their debut album You Are Here, funding the entire project and a concurrent tour through Kickstarter. The band is composed of James Lanman (lead vocals, guitar), Aaron Ameen (drums, backup vocals), lead guitarist Max Brockman (lead guitar, backup vocals), and Jesse Summers (bass guitar) who all come from different musical backgrounds and tastes. The result is a refreshingly different sound, understated and modern. But what can I say that James can’t say himself:

We will be following James and The Good Hurt closely, and you should too!

Lyrics here.

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