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“We Are The Tide” – Blind Pilot

Blind Pilot is a band out of Portland, Oregon with two albums released by Expunged Records. 3 Rounds And A Sound was the group’s debut album and was released in July of 2008. The band then bike toured the west coast of the US from Bellingham, WA to San Diego, CA playing gigs as they went and carrying their instruments on custom made bicycle trailers. In September of 2011 Blind Pilot released We Are The Tide, with the title track being my choice for this fine Monday.

Israel Nebeker is Blind Pilot’s main lyricist and vocalist, and in this song we can really appreciate his artistry and mastery of both. When I listen to this song I feel both uplifted and slightly melancholy, a strange mixture that makes me like the song all the more.

Soothing and evocative? Done and done.

Hope you enjoy.

Lyrics here.

More about Blind Pilot here.

We Are the Tide - We Are the Tide