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“Ignorance” – Paramore

When it comes to music, I have two main weaknesses: powerful female singers and any music that makes me feel invincible. Add some amazing phrasing and you have todays choice in a nutshell.

I discovered Paramore one evening while drifting into an Indian food induced coma. There I was, incapacitated, facedown on the couch with the TV on in the background (like always), wondering why I always overeat (like always), when suddenly the impressive, high-octane vibrations of Ignorance stormed into my ears and bitch slapped my brain like a pulp-fiction-style shot of adrenaline to the chest. It takes a lot to wake a man from the depths of a chicken tikka masala overdose, and did I mention I had somehow been watching MTV unplugged?

Officially the first harder-leaning group to appear on One Song Today, Paramore hails from Franklin, Tennessee. At present they are a core group of three, with Hayley Williams on vocals, Jeremy Davis on Bass, and Taylor York on guitar. This particularly powerful drum track is thanks to former member Zac Farro, whose brother Josh originally formed the group.

From the outset the song is in your face. It makes you want to punch through walls and smash things. But crazy enough, it’s totally melodic; you can sing along without making your vocal chords bleed, and you can be completely surprised by what you hear while still anticipating the major shifts like someone 18 beers deep totally in the zone waiting for the drop at a dark basement dubstep party. I’m saying it’s really good AND really unique; hardcore with good vocals…or pop with aggressive instrumentals…perhaps motivational adrenorock?

Since forming in 2004 the group has released 3 albums. Their second and third have gone platinum. I still don’t know what that means but I think it’s a pretty good thing.

Listen to this loudly. While I suggest room to rage, if you are at work, put on some headphones and crank it. Just don’t do any data entry while it’s playing or you may break your keyboard.


Lyrics here.

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Ignorance - Brand New Eyes