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“Henny & Ginger Ale” – Mayer Hawthorne

Andrew Mayer Cohen (born February 2, 1979), better known by the stage name Mayer Hawthorne, is an American singer, producer, songwriter, arranger, audio engineer, DJ, rapper and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, California, USA.   The stage name “Mayer Hawthorne” is a combination of Cohen’s real middle name (Mayer) and the name of the street he grew up on in Michigan (Hawthorne Rd).  Originally the Mayer Hawthorne tracks were meant to be just side projects for pleasure, but upon hearing them producer Peanut Butter Wolf insisted they be made into an album. Hawthorne has had no previous vocal training.

The first time I heard Mayer Hawthorne, my first thoughts jumped to Marvin Gaye and Melvin and the Blue Notes.  The notion a skinny white kid from Michigan could have sung this buttery, soulful song did not cross my mind for an instant, but there you have it!  Never judge a book by it’s cover, or a genre by those who have come before.

Hawthorne’s newest album, How Do You Do, is stunning collection of Neo-Soul jams.  Rolling Stone raved about it, Snoop Dogg loved it, and the New York Times calls Hawthorne “an able singer…an arranger of astonishing precision,”.  Is he good enough for you?

Lyrics here.

More about Mayer Hawthorne here.

Henny & Gingerale - How Do You Do

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