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“Breathe” – The Grouch

The Grouch (born Corey Scoffern) is an American rapper from Oakland, CA.  He is a member of the underground hip hop group Living Legends, and has collaborated with artists Eligh, Daddy Kev, Zion I and Felt.  Having released 16 studio albums independently, The Grouch is a very prolific artist.  However he has yet to reach the public eye, something of a trend with conscious rappers!

“Breathe,” from Show You The World is about ignoring the temptations of drugs, partying and women in favor of staying true to what’s good for him.  He proudly tells us about his “2 cars, 2 dogs, a wife and a plan,” and mentions his daughter as well.  The Grouch could give many rappers a few lessons about living life, and many normal people as well.  Treat yourself well, and enjoy the things in life that are actually good for you.

Lyrics here.

A very little more about The Grouch here.

Breath - Show You the World