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“Just One of Those Days (Dry Cry)” – Sizzla

From Wikipedia:

Sizzla Kalonji, or simply Sizzla (born Miguel Orlando Collins, April 17, 1976, Kingston, Jamaica) is a reggae musician.  He was raised in August Town, Kingston Jamaica where he studied mechanical engineering at Dunoon High School.

Along with reggae recording artists such as Capleton, Buju Banton, and Anthony B, he is credited with leading a movement toward a re-embracement of Rastafarian values in contemporary reggae music by recording material which is concerned primarily with spirituality and social consciousness,  and explores common themes such as Babylon’s corrupting influence, the disenfranchisement of ghetto youth, oppression of the black nation and Sizzla’s abiding faith in Jah and resistance against perceived agents of oppression.

This is all true, but it masks many of Sizzla’s less admirable qualities.  Much of his music is strongly homophobic, which aligns with his Bobo Ashanti (a sect of Rastafarianism) beliefs, and he has some very violent songs.  In 2004 he and multiple reggae artists with histories of homophobic lyrics were banned from performing in the UK after a complaint by British LGBT groups, and his song “Nah Apologize,” got him a revoked visa in Germany.

Neverthless I love most of Sizzla’s music.  I think he has a fantastic voice, and many of his songs have wholesome and meaningful lyrics.  His music is a bastion of soulfoul reggae in a scene that is largely dominated by dancehall artists, and there is no one quite like him.  Enjoy.

Lyrics here.

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Just One of Those Days (Dry Cry) - The Journey - The Very Best of Sizzla Kalonji