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Beatles Week

“Help!” – The Beatles
Beatlemania marched on as The Beatles continued their almost incessant touring schedule while simultaneously recording the albums Beatles For Sale, Help! and Rubber Soul. This period of time marked a real transition from young stars rising to pop success to the embodiment of the 60’s mentality that they would become.

Beatles for Sale and Help! were the last two Beatles albums to include anything other than original material as the band struggled to balance their constant international touring and creative production. During the recording of Beatles For Sale, which included six covers and eight original compositions, Lennon admitted “material’s becoming a hell of a problem.” Their enormous success and demand for their time was beginning to hamper their creative vision and ambition.

The recording of the album Rubber Soul was the first time in Beatles history that they had an extended period of time without other major commitments, and the album has been hailed by critics as a major step forward in the maturity of the band. While Help! played with classical flute and strings, Rubber Soul further pushed the traditional boundaries of pop music instrumentation. Biographers Peter Brown and Stephen Gaines attribute much of the new musical direction to the band’s now habitual use of marijuana after being introduced to cannabis by none other than Bob Dylan in a hotel room in August of 1964. The band members had also begun to experiment with LSD, the young men were beginning to mature and branch out along with their music.

The Beatles continued to evolve and shape rock and roll as we know it today. Stay tuned for more pioneering music history tomorrow, the best is yet to come.

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