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“The Throes” – M.H. & His Orchestra

I was recently contacted by a young man calling himself “M.H.”, who submitted this song through our website.  This is our first band submission, so I was excited before I even heard the band.

However, having listened to “The Throes” and a few other songs by M.H. & his Orchestra, I can say this for certain:  this is beautifully strange music.  There are many, many influences coming into play here.  The most notable to me is Čoček, a musical genre and dance that emerged in the Balkans during the early 19th century. In English, it is sometimes referred to as Gypsy brass.

The powerful drums and strained horns are in juxtapostion to M.H.’s crooning vocals, and I love it.

The cantankerous combination of brass, drums, and strings combine to provide, as I said before, a beautifully strange sound that finishes strongly.  Even as I am writing this, my fingers are trying to type in step with the song.  Fantastic.

Lyrics and more info here.