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“The Wind” – Zac Brown Band

Phil Marsel submitted this song to us today, and we loved it.  Hope you agree!

I think the top commenter on youtube says it best: “…Love it. And im not a country fan. I listen to Sabbath lol.”

I’ll be honest, I like my chicken baked, grilled, stuffed inside a duck that is stuffed inside a turkey, and any other variety of ways, in addition to fried. And I’m not too worried if my jeans don’t fit “just right”. Despite the less than inspiring lyrics in their previous country hits, the Zac Brown Band can straight up jam. I heard this bluegrass gem on the country station in DC the other day (they don’t have commercials on Tuesdays…and I’ll take country music over another goddamn GEICO commercial).

So the song is pretty legit. And then I found the music video. It’s a Mike Judge cartoon called “Robo Redneck aka The Six Million Dollar Honky”, and its pretty much the best music video since “Gangnam Style”.

For those of you confused by my above discussion of chicken preparations, let me introduce you to the Zac Brown Band. They are a country band out of Atlanta, fronted by their namesake. They hit it big in 2008 with “Chicken Fried”, the first of their eight number one singles on the Billboard country charts (yea those exist…I just looked it up). As “The Wind” exhibits, they don’t fit squarely within the modern country-pop Taylor Swift-loving mold. In fact they opened for the Dave Matthews Band during their 2010 tour and performed at Bonnaroo in 2006, 2009, and 2010.

Also according to Wikipedia their (male) drummer went to the Mississippi University for Women.

Lyrics here.

More about Zac Brown Band here.

The Wind - Uncaged