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“We Don’t Care” – Kanye West

Sometimes the pressures of super-stardom can ruin musicians.

In my opinion, Kanye West’s College Dropout is one of the best Hip-Hop albums of our time.  The music on the album is inspired, with beats that are impossible to stop listening to (“Get Em’ High”), sad songs (“Spaceship”), club bangers (“The New Workout Plan”), and a continuing storyline, it has everything.

“We Don’t Care” is a song about the reality of drug dealers in the ghetto.  Kanye did a clever thing making light of the situation, and the setting within the skits on the album is great.  More importantly, each verse tells the story of a different member of society and their relationship to the drug trade.

The big question, which I began to address earlier, is what happened to Kanye?  College Dropout is a fantastic album, walking the fine line between conscious hip-hop and mainstream rap perfectly.  Kanye’s latest number one hit, “Niggas in Paris” is an abomination in comparison.

I think Kanye has had a tough few years, and the glitz filled world he has necessarily immersed himself in has drawn his mind away from his roots.  When his mother passed away West produced 808’s and Heartbreaks, a fully auto-tuned and truly bizarre album.  However, it was full of emotion and insight to Kanyes tortured mind, a glimpse of the heart he once put into his music.

Emotional, lyrical, beautiful music is completely within Kanye Wests capability.  We miss you Kanye, come back!

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We Don't Care - The College Dropout