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“Mr. B” – Griz (feat. Dominic Lalli)

Today’s post comes from a new contributing author and recent Tufts University graduate, Manting Chiang.

This collection of noise – to me – became an album, a sound in a whole, an idea free from limits of thought and more an idea of the heart and soul. Mad liberation is a piece of me that is representative of my past, breaths life into my present, and is a taste of the future.- Griz

Griz has been up and coming in the past year since he began producing music. He is now touring with some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry including Pretty Lights and Big Gigantic. The samples that he uses are retro vinyl recordings and all new original recordings.

The soulful exploration Griz has in his life philosophy is exactly matched in his beats. There is truly nothing like listening to a Griz song for the very first time. Like a classical symphony, it finds an inner melody but journeys through changing themes and variations. Each new motif pushes the limits of expectation into amazement at the mastery of his craft. At the very end he always brings it back to the introductory melody, and slowly fades out.

Mr. B features Griz’s talent at finding groovy soulful samples and throwing a funky beat over it. Dominic Lalli, the saxist and co-producer of Big Gigantic, shows his knack for raging wobbly bass and fuses his glitch-hop perfectly in.

Too much of modern electronic music is simply attempting to re-create the same haus beats or dubstep drop to entice the crowd. But Griz, among many other artists, are pushing the bounds and limits of electronic music through their soulful glitch-hop boogiefunk beats that take their listener on a transcendent aural journey.

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Free album download here.