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“Hot and Groovy” – Militant

Militant (born Brian Paton) was born in Guyana, but at age 11 he and his family emigrated to Trinidad in pursuit of better education.  There Militant began dabbling in Soca music, although he believes most of his musical influence comes from artists like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Burning Flame.

Militants music career began with a band named High Energy, which gained some renown in Trinidad but never reached the international attention that Militant has garnered in his solo career.  He has produced 4 major soca hits with “Hot and Groovy”, “Passion”, “Tiger Baby”, and “N’Zinga”.

Although I couldn’t find much information about Militant, his music will always remind me of the Caribbean.  I grew up on these songs and other fantastic Soca music, and every time I hear them my mood immediately changes.  I might as well be lying on a white sand beach in St. Thomas in the shade of a coconut tree without a worry in the world.  Soak up the vibe and enjoy a moment of bliss with this song, 4 minutes and 43 seconds of island time.

Lyrics here.

Hot & Groovy - Hot Caribbean Hits Vol. 2