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“Where Do My Bluebird Fly” – The Tallest Man On Earth

Kristian Matsson is an average sized folk singer-songwriter who performs under the stage name The Tallest Man On Earth. Matsson is from Dalarna, Sweden and is married to fellow Swedish singer-songwriter Amanda Bergman. Matsson has released three studio albums, starting with Shallow Grave in 2008, followed by The Wild Hunt in 2010, and most recently by There’s No Leaving Now in June of 2012.

Matsson’s poetic lyricism and vocals has gotten him frequently compared to Bob Dylan, who he does credit as a large inspiration from when he was fifteen and first started listening to early American folk. Matsson records and produces his own records, and is unique in that he feels such a strong connection between his guitar and vocal tracks that he almost never records them separately. His use of open guitar tunings allows him to play intricate music on the guitar while focusing on his singing.

This video is of Matsson playing at the KEXP radio studio in Seattle back in 2008. The song “Where Do My Bluebird Fly” really showcases both his writing ability and musicianship. Sit back and let The Tallest Man On Earth paint you a picture.

Lyrics here.

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