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“Minor Stab” – Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire

I can’t pinpoint why but it was only natural that I picked this song today.

Maybe it was the crisp bite of an impending fall that I felt all day.  Maybe it was this open letter to pumpkin flavored treats that I read while at work “being super productive”. Hell, maybe it was those new good-these-didn’t-exist-when-I-was-in-college-with-perpetual-munchies candy corn flavored oreos.  Who’s to say?

What I know for certain is that Minor Stab, a cut off of Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire 1998 debut album Thrills, reeks of Halloween, pumpkins and the changing of leaves in all of its stabbing, minor, klezmeric violin glory.

The entire album is a journey through music that you didn’t know you loved because you were too busy listening to everything else to know it even existed. Presumed lost-and-gone forever, here it is for you to enjoy; grainy string instruments, manly male vocals and visions of top hats, stagecoaches, fireplaces, and cholera (weird considering the first time I actually heard this album–whiskey drunk and smoking a Padron—I was actually moved to the point that I called my then girlfriend).

Do yourself a favor and listen to other cuts off the album as well.

And button up, it’s getting chilly out there!

Lyrics here.

More about Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire here.

Minor Stab - Thrills