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“Night Court” – Mux Mool

I first heard Mux Mool completely by accident. Mux Mool (born Brian Lindgren) is an American electronic musician, DJ, and producer, affiliated with the labels Moodgadget and Ghostly International. His track “Night Court” (2008) circulated freely under the Adult Swim sponsored album “Ghostly Swim.”

After several positive reviews, Mux Mool started circulating throughout popular electronic music blogs. The song features several layers of percussion which combined create a bustling beat that doesn’t immediately enter. The syncopated melodic line won’t make sense to the listener until the whole track comes together.

“Night Court” has been a set opener for me and hasn’t let me down yet. Enjoy the funkiness and if you like it, be sure to check out more of the Ghostly International lineup. They have been pumping out some pretty incredible sounds for over a decade now.

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Night Court - Ghostly Swim (Bonus Track Version)