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“Cause An Effect” – N’fa Jones

N’fa (born N’fa Forster-Jones) is an African Australian rapper born in London, but raised in Perth, Western Australia, best known as the frontman for 1200 Techniques. Forster-Jones was a nationally ranked 110m hurdler and placed 3rd at the 2001 and 2002 Australian Championships, which is cool too!

I chose this video partially because I love the song, but also because of the story behind the music video.  N’fa was a close friend of the later American actor Heath Ledger (April 4th, 1979 – January 22nd, 2008) and when he was making the music video for “Cause An Effect,” Ledger volunteered to help N’fa make his video.  Ledger ended up doing most of the creative work on the video, and they shot the whole thing in Heath’s garage with “black material, two lights. one camera, and some very cool face paint.”

Although I do love the song, sometimes the combination of a music video and it’s accompanying song is just fantastic.  In more eloquent terms, the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.  Enjoy!

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Cause an Effect - Cause an Effect - EP