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“Faluma” – Allison Hinds

Alison Hinds (born 1970) is a Bajan female soca artist based in the Caribbean island of Barbados.  However, Hinds lived in London until she was 11 when her parents divorced.  After the divorce Allison moved back to Barbados with her mother and began singing in Soca competitions.

Allison has produced a number of Caribbean hits, and has earned herself the title “Queen of Soca”.  Hinds biggest hit to date, “Roll It Gal,” is a song praising women’s independence and strength.  It was a tough call between “Roll It Gal” and “Faluma”, but I have always had a soft spot for the latter.

“Faluma” was originally released in 1998 by a Barbadian Soca band called Square One that Allison Hinds was the lead singer for.  The song is sung in the spoken in the language of the Saamaka tribe in Suriname and features the Soca-Samba bass.  The song found enormous success in the Caribbean, and continues to find airtime to this day.  I hope you find yourself dancing when you hear it, I know I do…

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Faluma - Caribbean Queen