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“Far L’Amore”- Bob Sinclar ft. Rafaella Carra

Bob Sinclar (born Christophe Le Friant, 10 May 1969), is a French record producer, house music DJ, remixer and the owner of the label Yellow Productions.  He is known for popularising the “French touch” of house music with heavy use of sampled and filtered disco strings. He describes his musical style as inspired by “peace, love, and house-music”.

In the past few years Sinclar has produced a plethora of hits, including songs such as “World Hold On”, “Love Generation”, and “Give a Lil’ Love”.  Most of his audience is, as with all electronic music, in Europe where Sinclair is a mega-super-ultra star.  However, in the US very little of this sort of music has made it into the realm of top 40.  This has been changing in recent years due in part to the growing popularity of festivals like Electric Zoo (New York City) and Ultra Music Festival (Miami).

So inevitably I heard this song in Europe.  I was traveling for some sailing I was doing with 3 close friends, and this song seemed to fit our hectic lives perfectly at the time.  Between driving for up to 16 hours straight, finding housing, keeping our trailer and boats together, and managing the at times difficult roads of Europe we had our hands quite full.  The high tempo and jumpy beat suited the constantly changing environment, and this song will always take me back to that cramped car with my buddies.

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Far l'amore - Far l'amore - Single