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“It’s a Pity” – Tanya Stephens

Tanya Stephens (born July 2nd, 1973, Kingston, Jamaica) is one of a few female reggae artists from Jamaica who have gained international recognition.  She has tackled many controversial issues, including discrimination against HIV victims, homophobia, and the increasing objectification of women in modern reggae music.

“It’s a Pity,” however, is not one of these songs.  This song tackles something much less controversial, and much more relate-able to most people.  The conundrum of being committed to one person and wanting another is as old as the human race, and everyone has had to pick.  Enjoy this song for it’s honesty and vibe, there’s a lot of it to enjoy.

Lyrics here.

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It's a Pity - Riddim Driven: Doctor's Darling