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“Alice” – Pogo

Nick Bertke makes music and videos out of just about everything.

He got his start by turning Disney’s Snow White into a mashup music video, simultaneously remixing the music with the associated visuals. He’s since racked up something close to 60 million views on youtube. He’s remixed movies, TV shows, made his own 3D audio tracks.

But mashups are lame right? WRONG. His soothing breakbeat rhythms and resampling of small snippets of the original Disney content create a reinterpretation of the meaning “mashup.” He doesn’t slam hundreds of different tracks into one mega mashup, but instead uses high quality production techniques to create an essentially new track every time.

If you like Pogo’s style of music, I would highly encourage you to take a look at the rest of his website and other videos. In the meantime, please enjoy this comical yet well-thought-out remix of Alice in Wonderland. It will take you back and chill you out.

More about Pogo here.

Pogo’s Homepage here, and lots more music!