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“Poppin Pockets” – Grip Grand

Todays submission comes from Massimo Soriano.  A Boston Native and possibly OST’s biggest fan, Massimo is abroad at the moment in Austria and found a few minutes to write this post and send us this awesome song.  Enjoy!

Grip Grand is a West Coast underground rapper and producer. He was born in Frisco, TX but spent his childhood in major cities along the coast between Portland and LA. Grip associates most closely to the Bay Area, where he spent a number of years struggling with unemployment. In 1999, he released Welcome to Broakland, a collection of rap songs for rap’s sake, music for the broke and the broke at heart. Grip released “Poppin Pockets” in 2004 in collaboration with Look Records and the beloved hip hop crew D.I.T.C. (Diggin’ in the Crates).

You might notice the selection of sampled sounds in Grip’s music. He has an extensive record collection which he draws upon for his songs. Overlay that impressive collection with his tenacious and yet soulful voice and you get a special sound. One of my favorite things about Grip’s style is his phrasing and enunciation; rather than hiding behind the beat and music, his lyrics are clear and enrich the final product. “Poppin’ Pockets” may be about being broke but it features a rich combination of sounds and a catchy beat which offers a momentary escape from his day to day woes.  Regards from Vienna!

Lyrics here.

More about Grip Grand here.

Poppin' Pockets Remix - Brokelore