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“Mr. Government” – Teff

Todays artist, Teff, is a very difficult man to find information about.  His website offers a free download of his latest album, We Great, for free.  I recommend you take advantage of this, the album is very good.

Teff has cast himself as producing a new kind of reggae, mixing rap reggae and R&B.

I make music that inspires people to enjoy life, not to stress about what they do not have in life or to go out and take someone else’s…Music is life. It’s the voice of the world, so I compose music for both the young and mature…to listen, learn and enjoy for years to come.”

To be honest, I don’t think that the music Teff is making is that different from much of the roots reggae being produced in the Caribbean.  However, Teff is not from the Caribbean, he’s from Philadelphia!  Teff attributes his style to his choice of music as a child, when he listened to reggae to ease the stresses of his turbulent upbringing and his parents divorce.  Reggae has become a genre of the world, and artists outside of the Caribbean have managed to emulate the styles of their favorite reggae musicians and build upon the genre.

“Mr. Government” is, predictably, a song lamenting the way in which some governments treat their constituents.  The video appears to have been filmed on an island somewhere, and sadly many islands suffer from dysfunctional governments.  Whether Teff has the ability or right to speak against such things is questionable, him being from Philadelphia.  Regardless, his music is very good, ad that’s what we’re here for!  Enjoy.

A very little bit more about Teff here.

Teff’s free album, We Great, here.

Mr. Government - We Great (the Album)