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“Old Number Seven” – The Devil Makes Three

Today I’ve got a bluegrass gem for y’all from wonder trio The Devil Makes Three which is comprised of guitarist/frontman Peter Bernhard, guitarist/banjo player Cooper McBean, and upright bassist Lucia Turino. Their sound on the band website is described as “…a slightly punky perspective on vintage American blues… Laced with elements of ragtime, country, folk and rockabilly, the critically praised, drummer-less trio… brings forth a genuine approach to acoustic music that is deeply steeped in rhythm.” Deeply steeped in rhythm is a good way to put it.

Peter and Cooper met in the eighth grade in their home state of Vermont and began to play music together. After high school they both moved to the west coast and eventually reconvened in Santa Cruz, recruiting fellow east coaster Lucia who hailed from New Hampshire to complete the group. They independently released an eponymous album in 2002 and then Longjohns, Boots and a Belt in 2003 before signing with the label Milan Records.

The trio’s cohesive rhythm and vocals is really on display in “Old Number Seven” with knee-slapping instrumentation and bourbon-soaked lyrics mixing as perfectly as a good Jack & Coke. A horribly corny analogy, but I just couldn’t help myself. Hope you enjoy this group as much as I do.

Lyrics here.

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