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“By His Deeds” – VC

My god I love reggae.  As a result I listen to quite a bit of it, but as we all know there some songs we keep coming back to.  For me, “By His Deeds” will always be one of the first reggae songs, not soca or dancehall, I heard that truly struck a chord with with me and was not Bob Marley.  Before I had the drive (or ability) to go out and find my own music a friend of mine played this, and I have loved it ever since.

VC, or Valton Craigie, was born in London to Jamaican parents but moved to Jamaica at the age of 10.  He showed an early interest in music, and before long he was helping to produce and record reggae in Jamaica.  Through the 1980’s and early 90’s he tuned his ears to roots reggae artists emerging from Jamaica, and in 2000 VC emerged with his hit single “By His Deeds”.

Now after taking a hiatus from the music scene to spend time with his family, VC is coming back to reggae to try and show the world that roots reggae is still the best reggae.  Along with a few other artists he has helped to form a new business model for emerging roots reggae stars, and is organizing a European tour called “The Power of Reggae”.

“By His Deeds” is song not about right and wrong, but about doing the right thing.  A man is judged not by his heart, but “By His Deeds”.

By his deeds shall a man be known
Man a ask you for a piece of bread you give him stone
By his deeds shall a man be known
Natty off your head and worship babylon thrown
By his deeds shall a man be known
Straighten up your livity and don’t bawl down
By his deeds shall a man be known

Like Spike Lee says, “Do The Right Thing”!

Lyrics here.

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By His Deeds - Universal Message, Vol. 2