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“Fresh Blood” – Eels

In honor of the Halloween season we are currently lurching through, I decided to choose a dark and moody track off of Hombre Lobo, the seventh studio album by indie rock band Eels. Titled “Fresh Blood”, the brooding song has been mercilessly co-opted by our bloodsucker obsessed pop culture as a soundtrack for various vampiric dramas. Don’t let that bias your opinion too much though, as it is actually a very good song.

Mark Oliver Everett, known simply as E, created the band Eels in 1992 after he moved from Virginia to LA. Everett is known for tackling struggles he has faced in life through his albums. In 1998 Eels released Electro-Shock Blues, an album focusing around the passing of E’s father in 1982, his sister’s suicide in 1996, and his mother’s death from cancer in 1998. Hombre Lobo is another concept album, this time focusing on desire and unrequited love instead of mortality. According to E, he “…wanted to write a set of songs about desire. That dreadful, intense want that gets you into all sorts of situations that can change your life in big ways.”

“Fresh Blood” has a vibrant and gritty sound to it that is incredibly infectious, so if you find yourself looking for the moon to howl along with E, don’t worry, tis the season for it.

 Lyrics here.

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More about E here, he’s had a pretty interesting life.

Fresh Blood - Hombre Lobo