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“Bacchanalist” – Kerwin Du Bois

Ah, Carnival in the Caribbean. I miss it every day of the year, except during Carnival.

“Bacchanalist” by Kerwin Du Bois was released in early 2012, and became a huge hit in carnivals all over the Caribbean. It’s a simple song about partying hard, dancing all night, and looking good. What more could you want?

Du Bois has been a musician for a long time, starting off as a calypsonian in his native Trinidad. He went on to early success, winning the Junior Calypso Monarch competition, the Young Kings competition and reaching as far the Big Yard for the National Calypso Monarch finals on several occasions. As his career progressed Du Bois began diversifying his musical efforts, and is now an accomplished DJ, producer, and Soca artist as well.

Not only do I like this song, but I think the name “Bacchanalist” is an awesome term.

You: Oh what’s your profession?

Me: I’m a Bacchanalist.

Ah, Carnival.

Lyrics here.

More about Kerwin Du Bois here.

Bacchanalist - Antilles Riddim (Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Soca 2012) - EP