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“10,000 Hours” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Okay everyone, I think my secret is out… I’m a Macklemore fanboy.

I’ve been listening to Macklemore for about 3 years now, and his music has been an enormous influence on me.  Somehow his songs have been a great fit for my life, and I think that many of his fans feel the same way.  His lyrics have incredible content, and now that he has teamed up with producer Ryan Lewis his beats are insane.

“10,000 Hours” is the opening song from Mack and Ryans latest album, The Heist, which was released in mid October to enormous acclaim.  Rolling Stone called the album a “Cinderella Story” when it rose to 2nd on the Billboard Charts in its opening week, only because Indie-Folk super band Mumford & Sons outsold them.  Selling 78,000 albums in opening week in an era where albums have become antiques is truly an achievement, and selling that many albums as an independent artist is essentially unheard of.  The icing on the cake?  They were #1 on iTunes for 5 days.

However, this success comes with a price.  The duo reported putting in up to 80 hours a week regularly on the album in a miniscule, self run studio.  On top of this The Heist has no samples on it, which is unheard of in the hip-hop world.  “10,000 Hours” is about this quest to produce great art, music and otherwise.

The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint

The greats were great because they paint a lot!

The artists we hear about worked hard, some succeeded in life, but most didn’t.  The vast majority of artists never become successful, and forgo money, comforts, and often their well being to do what they love.  Macklemore has put his time in, and is finally reaping the benefits.  One of the lucky ones.  Get it Mack!

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Ten Thousand Hours - The Heist (Deluxe Edition)