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“Get Your Snack On” — Amon Tobin

This song is awesome for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it’s got a great name. Second: the artist, Amon Tobin, is a total boss. He’s Brazilian, he’s an incredibly influential electronic musician, and he’s all about sound. Not just how a track sounds as a whole,  but how every sound in his compositions interacts with one another, and what you experience as you immerse yourself into his musical world.

Amon Tobin has created an audiovisual experience that I got to witness a little over a month ago at the House of Blues here in Boston. Essentially, he emerges himself completely in his set (quite literally, he’s in a cube surrounded my many other smaller cubes.) Then, by using the latest video mapping technology, he delivers his album, ISAM, in a completely unique way. The custom video content flows around him and uses the many surfaces of the cubic structure to create optical illusions and intense visual environments that in-turn reflect the content of his music.

His music is dark, intriguing, and completely electronic. I implore you to read more into his interesting career, and get lost in the videos of his current tour.

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