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“Country” – Empire of The Sun

We here at One Song Today make an honest effort to put music up by artists that are a little under the radar. We often put up classics (they are classics for a reason) but we feel that it is important to try and help our viewers find new, exciting music.

That being said, many of you might know Empire of the Sun. Hailing from the land down under, they have only released one album (Walking on a Dream), but it has become an international sensation. It has gone “Gold” in Ireland, Germany, and the UK, and went 2x Platinum in Australia.

So why not the US? “Country” is purely instrumental, but most of their songs have fantastic vocals. Perhaps the band has been overshadowed by their synth-pop compatriots MGMT, as the two bands certianly share a similar sound. Maybe the US just isn’t that into them. Either way they are fantastic… America just hasn’t realized it yet.

More about Empire of the Sun here.

Country - Walking On a Dream