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“Why Should I” – Sizzla

Although the Caribbean holds some of the most beautiful places on earth, for some reason people on islands just cannot stop killing each other.  Who does it help?  No one; you’re on a goddamn island!

Todays song comes from Sizzla Kalonji (born Miguel Orlando Collins, April 17, 1976, Kingston, Jamaica) knows something of this violence.  Growing up in Kingston is no easy thing, and Sizzla’s music reflects his experiences.  He has released over 45 SOLO ALBUMS, which is truly astounding.  Sizzla’s often homophobic lyrics have gotten his shows cancelled and visa’s revoked in certain countries.  However, most of his songs have great content.  He’s sung great songs about appreciating your mother (“Thank You Mama”), and “Why Should I” is about the unnecessary violence that plagues so many small Caribbean countries.

For some reason the most popular music in the Caribbean continues to be about killing people and treating women like shit.  Maybe if we listened to a little more Sizzla we would all be a little happier, and thus less homicidal?  Who knows.  All we can do is enjoy Sizzla’s music and smile wide on this beautiful Sunday!

Lyrics here.

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