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“Into The Wild” – LP

I’ve got a catchy one for you folks today. If you think you recognize the song but can’t place it, it’s probably because you heard it sampled in a Citi Bank commercial featuring professional climbers Katie Brown and Alex Honnold. I’m sure you’ll agree the small snippet in the ad doesn’t come close to doing the song by LP justice.

LP is a singer-songwriter from New York, however even though she’s blowing up now, for years she made her living as songwriter Laura Pergolizzi who penned tunes for artists that ran the gamut from The Backstreet Boys to Rihanna to Chiddy Bang. She has come out with two albums prior to Into The Wild; Heart-Shaped Scar in 2001, and Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol in 2004.

Obviously, LP’s years of cranking out songs on her ukulele for other artists has honed her formidable talent and given her time to come to grips with her identity as an artist and a performer. Try to resist whistling along. My attempts have all failed so far.

Lyrics here.

More about LP here.