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“Nantes” – Beirut
At 17 Zachary Francis Condon dropped out of high school to work on his solo music career. It was not long before he realized that more accompanists would help do justice to his nostalgic voice, swelling trumpet, and melodies that in general compel you to sing along.

There are at least 7 past members but at present Beirut consists of Condon (trumpet, flugelhorn, ukulele), Perrin Cloutier (accordian, cello), Nick Petree (drums, percussion, melodica), Paul Collins (bass), Kelly Pratt (trumpet, french horn, glockenspiel), and Ben Lanz (trombone, tuba, glockenspiel).

In 2006 Beirut released their first album, Gulag Orkestar, and have since released 2 more albums and 5 EPs.

This song, Nantes, is off of their second album, The Flying Club Cup.

The lyrics are not complicated and the melody is addicting. It’s hard not to sing along (or want to, for those of us in an office). As it turns out, Condon actually writes the melodies before any lyrics. He hums them out and then matches words to the sounds and feelings the melodies evoke. He must have some damn productive showers!

If you like this I suggest you check out some other songs from these guys. My girlfriend introduced me to this group via the song Elephant Guns—another catchy number with a fantastic music video.


Lyrics here.

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Nantes - The Flying Club Cup