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“Far Away” – Queen Ifrica

Queen Ifrica (Ventrice Morgan, born March 25th 1975) is a female reggae singer from Kingston, Jamaica.  Ifrica began singing in 1995, where her talents were noticed in a local talent show.  After being picked up by Flames Productions she toured Jamaica and earned herself a reputation as one of the top female reggae artists in Jamaica.

Ifrica, like many reggae artists, has yet to break into the lime light.  She remains grounded in her way of life, her community and her children. Ifrica has a strong social consciousness, supporting her words with actions by being an active participant in several community outreach activities. Included in this is her work on the Committee for Community in the heart of Kingston’s inner-city, particularly the S-Corner community in Kingston 13.

This song showcases Ifrica’s beautiful, haunting voice.  There’s nothing like a fantastic love song, enjoy!

Lyrics here.

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Far Away - Reggae Gold 2009