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“Can’t Keep” – Eddie Vedder

Since my post last week I’ve been listening to Ukulele music off and on.

While I’ve definitely found lots of beautiful glowing melodies and somewhere-over-the-rainbow type flourishing, I decided to go more unconventional.

Eddie Vedder—front man of Pearl Jam, rock legend—has been known to dabble in Ukulele throughout much of his career. In the last 5 years he’s done much more than dabble. He composed and performed the entire soundtrack for the film Into the Wild (2007), and released an album simply called Ukulele Songs (2011), of which today’s choice is the opening track.

The majority of this album, and especially today’s song, highlight just 2 things: Vedder’s unbelievable, iconic, intense Maximus Meridious voice, and his dissonant, dramatic Ukulele. “Can’t Keep”, in particular, has a palpable intensity.

I urge you to explore some more of his stuff and share this with your friends! And, hey, be thankful that this guy managed to not only live through the 90s but come out flourishing.


Lyrics here.

More about Eddie Vedder here.

Can't Keep - Ukulele Songs