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“West Coast” – Coconut Records

Showing some west side pride with today’s choice, a somber song by Coconut Records, aka Jason Schwartzman and other musical guests. “West Coast” is off of the Coconut Records debut album, Nighttiming, which Schwartzman wrote the songs for, performed, and digitally released on his label Young Baby Records in 2007. The group has only one other album, Davy, released in 2009.

This video is actually the official music video for “West Coast.” It features legendary skateboarder Mark Gonzales, or Gonz, skating in an art gallery exhibition in Germany in 1998. The original footage was simply cut and synced to work with the song. Gonzales is known for revolutionizing street style skating, and pioneering skating handrails. He’s kind of a big deal in the skate world.

Anyway, whether you’re on the eastern or western seaboard, or even if you’re woefully stuck somewhere in the middle, you should be able to enjoy this song.

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