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“Fly Like An Eagle (Pretty Lights Remix)” — Steve Miller Band

This song is dope. It’s one of the better remixes ever made by Pretty Lights. You already know who Pretty Lights is, if you don’t, check out some of our past posts on his music. The Colorado native does some of the more interesting production that we have witnessed in recent years.

He does a phenomenal job of balancing the original song versus the remixed content. I guarantee this will go off with anyone who knows the original and has yet to experience the new age of break beat funkiness that Pretty Lights has been delivering for the last several years.

This remix does a fantastic job of maintaining the original trippy elements of the song while adding funky beats behind  a classic rock jam. Enjoy some classic Pretty Lights music and have a relaxing start to your post holiday weekend.

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Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller Band