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“I’m Just Me” – Diamond Rings

Today’s post comes from OST fan and fellow Tufts graduate Phil Marsel.  This is Phils second post, and we were stoked to hear from him!  Enjoy.

This dude is really weird. But I can’t stop listening to this album. So ‘80s. So Bowie. So much synth. So Canadian.

Diamond Rings is Canadian John O’Regan, also the singer for the indie group the D’Urbervilles. He started writing songs as Diamond Rings in 2008 while in the hospital being treated for Crohn’s Disease.

He’s really going for that androgynous, “queer theory” (a new term I learned from his Spotify bio), David Bowie feel. This video is full of glitter and makeup and male backup dancers. Not usually my style, but damn, this song (and the rest of his 2012 album Free Dimensional) makes me smile. And dance.

Hope you like it.

Lyrics here.

More about Diamond Rings here.

I'm Just Me - Free Dimensional

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