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“Brandy” – Looking Glass

Looking Glass was an American pop music group of the early 1970s that was part of the Jersey Shore sound.  The band was formed by Elliot Lurie (lead guitar and vocals), Jeff Grob (drums), Larry Gonsky (piano), and Pieter Sweval (bass) at Rutgers University in 1969.  The band broke up after graduating, but shortly reformed.

In 1972 the band released “Brandy” and the song was a massive hit.  It was in the top charts for 16 weeks, and hung at the #1 spot for a week at one point.  This was the bands only significant hit, but boy was it a good one!

I think this song is fun to listen to, and I like the story, but mostly I like it because I can easily sing it.  The lyrics aren’t complex or difficult to keep up with, they’re fun and easy to memorize.  Give it a try, and if you’re self conscious of your singing voice turn the music up louder!

Lyrics here!

More about Looking Glass here.

Brandy - Looking Glass

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