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“Wax and Wire” – Loch Lommond

Todays write up comes from Rolfe Glover, a friend and fellow music enthusiast.  This is one of three submissions Rolfe has sent in, look forward to more from him and enjoy this great song!

I first heard Loch Lomond when their track “Wax and Wire” was used in the Danny Macaskill short film “Way Back Home.” Based in Portland Oregon, Loch Lomond began as the 2003 solo project of Ritchie Young, the band’s lead singer and had grown to nine members by 2006. Their sound ranges between indie and folk and generally features a wide range of acoustic instruments. On the first listen, “Wax and Wire” stood out for its aesthetics; the song has a periodic quality, moving from a minimal, ethereal sound to a more full sounding chorus and back again. The lyrics give the song a much more bizarre quality, as “Wax and Wire” is a love song in the same way Faulkner considered his “A Rose for Emily” a love story.  The speaker is singing to his dead girlfriend as if she were alive; he has possibly exhumed her from her grave and she lies decaying before him. He promises that, “with wax and wire and hair from the back of [her] head,” he can “make her face brand new.” Towards the end of the song the speaker repeats the line, “you are warm,” which could mean either that she has magically come back to life, or alternatively that her warmth is an illusion resulting from his wish for her to be alive again. Finally, he brings either her or her corpse out into the sunlight. Despite its macabre content, the song has a very uplifting quality; the music and the speaker’s unfailing love overshadows the fact that his former lover lies dead before him.

Lyrics here.

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Wax & Wire - Night Bats - EP