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“2020” – Sol

Sol Moravia-Rosenberg is a Seattle based hip-hop artist of Haitian and Russian-Jewish heritage. Known simply as Sol, his music has been called genre bending for his soul and R&B influenced sound, collaboration with other local musicians, and his use of live instrumentation on stage. One of his collaborators, rapper Macklemore, has been featured on this blog a few times, and makes a cameo appearance in this video.

Sol is an honors student at UW, and won a 2011 Bonderman Travel Fellowship through the school. He spent his first two months traveling throughout India, and even managed to write, record, and release a song, “Old Him”, about his experiences and how they’ve changed his outlook on life while abroad. According to his blog, which you can check out here, he has moved on to another, as yet unspecified country.

Today’s song is off of Sol’s independent album, Yours Truly, released in January of 2012. Enjoy.

Lyrics here.

More about Sol here.

2020 - Yours Truly

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