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“Close to Paradise” – Patrick Watson

I draw upon a number of resources to find new music. Blogs related to the musical avant-garde, Pandora, Spotify, and even music magazines like Paste. But my greatest resource has always been my friends. Today’s lick is another suggestion from my girlfriend whose musical taste is as diverse as her smile is beautiful.

Patrick Watson is a California-born, Quebec-raised singer-songwriter whose styling has been described as “cabaret-pop” with classical and indie influences. I think it’s much better described as a cross between Radiohead’s expansive, electronic, alienated music and Pink Floyd’s psychedelic rock—both on clear display in “Close to Paradise”. The singing is particularly Thom Yorkesque wherease the guitar, especially the dramatic sliding, is pure Floyd.

The band actually started as a loose group tasked with creating a CD to accompany a book of photographs. Their roots of capturing a moment, a feeling, an image, rather than delivering a message or something catchy definitely stayed with them in their second album, named for today’s song. Based on some sampling I have done, their most recent two albums have definitely evolved more lyrically, their musicality has simplified significantly but the essence is unchanged.

While I wouldn’t call Watson’s style “incredibly unique” (hell, I used two other far more popular and longstanding bands as the cornerstone of my description), it certainly has it’s own flavor that leaves anything but a bad taste in the mouth.


Lyrics here.

More about Patrick Watson here.

Close to Paradise - Close to Paradise

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